School Programmes

Developing life skills through SmartSport

Our SMARTsport programme is targeted for young people from Junior school age upwards through to and including 6th form students. Our events are inclusive for all abilities including special needs. Events are held on the school grounds and each individual event use a combination of theory and practical learning, the mix being primarily driven by the target age group.

Smartsport is a flexible concept and format and can help schools achieve specific Ofsted and Estyn requirements.

Successful SMARTsport programmes have run at: Pensby High School for Girls (sec), John Plessington Catholic High School (sec), The Kings School Chester (ind), Abbey Gate College (ind), Lanesborough College (ind), Longacre School (ind), Pirbright Primary School (pri), St Joseph’s Primary School (pri)



“it was great that the activities were  both physically and mentally challenging” – Head Teacher, Pensby High School