Event Format

Working together as a team participants will orienteer around a predefined course from one check point challenge to another by foot. The team must travel around the course together at all times. The teams will experience the fun, thrill and challenges of an adventure race, the joy of being a valued part of a team, the accomplishment through perseverance and the self confidence and self belief from overcoming the challenges, as well as developing key life skills and competencies such as Leadership, Communication, Teamwork, Problem Solving, Commitment and Integrity.

SMARTsport is brought to the schools and held within the school grounds. Each event is different, specifically designed to accommodate the local environment and include a variety of check point challenges to stretch the teams mentally and physically whilst also providing a more even playing field. The programme includes a mix of practical and theory based learning depending upon the target audience. This adventure race format is offered in a number of flexible options to meet local requirements, including: Term based programs, Compact adventure weeks, Single race events .

SMARTsport is an accredited partner of Belbin team role theory and the LOtC and can be provided as a solution to PPA, lunchtime activity, in school activity or after school activity

Each individual event will include a pre race brief and a post race review. Ideally events will be run with between 20 – 30 participants but larger groups of up to 60 participants can be accommodated

Our events are inclusive for all abilities including special needs




“the weather was wild and windy but that just added to the excitement”- SSCo, Wirral